Our Resources

Worldsoft possesses a world class team, which enables us to meet complex client requirements in sometimes very difficult business environments. Developing enterprise solutions for emerging and developing markets comes with many challenges, such as language barriers, lack of management and organizational skills, and complicated operating requirements. Worldsoft prides itself on its success in ensuring complete client satisfaction through longstanding investment into its team and resources.

Clients who have worked with us understand that our commitment to excellence resides with our resources.

Effective Communication and International Best Practices

At Worldsoft, English is our working language among the development teams and foreign managers. Additionally, Worldsoft’s project managers and technical team leaders are Vietnamese-American or Vietnamese high-level developers who have had extensive professional experience working in the US. As our human resources are a key part of our success, we invest in our people by helping them work within an English language environment. Where needed in other countries, language specialists within Worldsoft’s wide network of technical professionals assist in ensuring that all client requirements are fully delivered. Exact and effective communication between Worldsoft and its clients provides the highest level of comfort and control, and unbridled success for all projects..

World-Class Developers at the Top of Vietnam’s IT Field

Crucial to the foundation of any organization is the talented people that make up its team. Worldsoft is proud to attract Vietnam’s top technical talent, many of whom are drawn to our appreciation of quality and our successes in the region. Our developer team consists of leading experts at the top of Vietnam’s IT field, some of whom have won gold medal awards in Mathematical Olympic Contests and National IT Olympic Contests, while others have also won silver medals at the International IT Olympic in New Delhi, India in December of 2003.

Qualified and Experienced Management Staff from the US

Worldsoft employs experienced management staff who have at least 10-20 years experience working in the fields of business management and software development in the United States. We operate upon advanced software production processes which have been widely implemented in the US, such as Total Quality Management (TQM), matrix organization, and PERT/CPM models. Our outstanding and talented management staff have the required experience and skills needed to provide superior service, and their expertise is crucial to meeting or exceeding our clients’ complex demands.